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Austin Buddhist Center is a non profit tax excempt organization founded on October 13th, 2007 under the patronage of Ven Pandit Eluwapola Gnanaratana Nayaka Thero. Austin Buddhist Center is dedicated as a center for spiritual development of all human beings through the teachings of Buddha. Our primary goal is to offer Buddha’s teachings and meditation guidance to both children and adults for spiritual growth and inner peace.

“How much does it cost to come to a retreat/event at the center? There is no set fee.”

“What do you mean there is no set fee? How do you operate?”

We are frequently asked what is the suggested donation for retreats and events at Austin Buddhist Center. We cannot answer that question because that would be like setting a price. The Buddha’s teachings are priceless. We offer our service here for Dana. Please click below to learn more about Dana and ways to support the center

What is Dana?

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    Venerable Pandit Eluwapola Gnanaratana Nayaka Thero, Abbot, Austin Buddhist Center

    Venerable Pandit Eluvapola Gnanaratane was born in November 11, 1946 in Sri Lanka. Bhante became ordained as a bhikku in October 10, 1956 at Lokananda Pirivena in Kuliyapitiya Sri Lanka and received his Upasampada(Higher ordination) in July 1967 at the Kelaniya Nadee Udkakkepa Semma Maalakaya in Sri Lanka.

    Venerable Gnanarathane continued his higher studies at the Kelaniya University in Sri Lanka. During his time there, he earned a Pundit Degree in Oriental Languages, a Diploma in Buddhism, and a Master’s in Buddhism. After his studies at the Kelaniya University, he further earned a Diploma in Education from University of Colombo, Sri Lanka and a Diploma in Japanese Language from University of Thisho Uni, in Tokyo, Japan.

    After completing his studies, he served the community as a teacher for many years in various educational institutions in Sri Lanka including Kuliyapitiya Central School, Ratmale Central School in Sri Lanka. Other than the educational service, he also served as the Chief Prelate at various temples around Sri Lanka.

    Venerable Gnanaratane moved to USA in 2002. During his time in USA, he served at the Washigton Buddhist Vihara in Washington D.C. and Los Angeles Buddhist Vihara before accepting an invitation from an Austin Sri Lankan Buddhist family to become the Abbot at Austing Buddhist Center in 2007. Since then, Venerable Gnanaratane served the Austin community in guiding and teaching the words of Lord Buddha.

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    Venerable Unaleeye Sirinanda Thero

    Venerable Unaleeye Sirinanda was born on September 22, 1984 to Hemalatha and Somarathne family in Kuliyapitiya, Sri Lanka. He had a deep interest in Buddhism since childhood and became a monk on May, 24 1999 and continued receiving his Upasampada (i.e. Higher Ordination) on July 19, 2004.

    He started his education in Kuliyapitiya Kanadulla Dharmaraja Pririvena. During his extensive education on Buddhism, he earned a Prachina Pandiatha Degree from Oriental Language Society, a Bachelor’s Degree in Buddhist Philosophy and a Master’s Degree in Buddhist Studies from Kelaniya University, Sri Lanka. Afterwards, he moved to Thailand during 2011 to 2013 and completed a Post Graduate research degree in Buddhist Studies at International Buddhist College in Thailand.

    With invitation from Venerable Eluvapola Gnanaratane, Bhante Sirinanda came to the Austin Buddhist Center in May 2014. Since then, he has done extensive work in supporting the temple and the temple community. He offers lessons on meditation and on Buddha’s teaching regularly at the temple.

About The Center

We welcome individuals and families from all backgrounds to come and explore the Buddha’s teachings and meditation for spiritual growth and inner peace.



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